Use plugins to become more efficient

  1. KeyPromoter X

    The plugin basically will annoy the hell out of you by showing you a big screen overlay with the key combination you should have used, if you used your mouse to execute some command to a level when you basically would start using the key combination just to avoid KeyPromoter annoying you all the time. It also has some useful features, like it will prompt you to create a key binding for a command whenever an action does not have a key binding and you have used it 3 times using your cursor. [ Old Version: KeyPromoter]

  2. String Manipulation

    Provides actions for text manipulation such as Toggle case, encode/decode, sorting,

  3. Lines Sorter

    Add Sort Lines action in Edit menu to sort selected lines or whole file if the selection is empty.

  4. Findbugs

    Provides static byte code analysis to look for bugs in Java code from within Android Studio

  5. Sonar Lint

    The plugin that provides on-the-fly feedback to developers on new bugs and quality issues injected into Java, JavaScript and PHP code.

  6. Checkstyles

    The plugin provides both real-time and on-demand scanning of Java files from within Android Studio.

  7. ADB Idea

    The plugin that adds ADB commands to Android Studio and IntelliJ such as ADB Uninstall App, ADB Kill App, ADB Restart App, etc

  8. Exynap

    The plugin which helps you find and implement the code you require in an instant.

  9. Dagger IntelliJ Plugin

    The Dagger IntelliJ plugin creates visual connections between a @Inject object and the @Provides method that creates it.

  10. JVM Debugger Memory View

    This plugin extends the built-in JVM debugger with capabilities to explore objects in the JVM heap during a debug session.

  11. Android Parcelable code generator

    Plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code for you.