Code faster by using keyboard shortcuts

Lookup IDE commands / ActionsCmd Shift ACtrl Shift A
Open ClassCmd OCtrl O
Open FileCmd Shift OCtrl Shift N
Open recently edited fileCmd Shift ECtrl Shift E
Open SymbolCmd Opt OAlt Shift N
Open recently used fileCmd ECtrl E
Last Edited LocationCmd Shift BackspaceCtrl Shift Backspace
Find Usage in persistent windowOpt F7Alt F7
Find Usage in floating windowCmd Opt F7Ctrl Alt F7
Format the code with proper IndentationCmd Opt LCtrl Alt L
Surround WithOpt Cmd TAlt Ctrl T
Open TerminalOpt F12Alt F12
Generate Setter/GettersCmd NAlt Ins
Find ClassCMD OCtrl N
Refactor/RenameShift F6Shift F6
Quick FixOpt EnterAlt Enter
Goto DefinitionCmd BCtrl B
Show parameters for selected methodCmd PCtrl P
Refactor ThisCtrl TCtrl Alt Shift T
Stop ProcessCmd F2Ctrl F2
Search EverywhereShift ShiftShift Shift
Select Methods to OverrideCtrl OCtrl O
Delete LineCmd BackspaceCtrl Y
Duplicate LineCmd DCtrl D
Grow/Shrink selection from cursorOpt Up/Down Arrow keyShift Ctrl W
Multicursor SelectionCtrl GAlt J

Complete Keymap Guide : Linux/Win | MacOSX

Other Tips/Tricks

  • Did you know you can quickly lookup the definition of any function by navigating to the function call and using Opt + Space on macOS or Alt + Space on Win/Linux inside Android Studio🙀 [Ref Tweet]


  • Annoyed by the Design view always opening up when you open a layout or drawable xml file?🙄Navigate to Preferences ▶️Editor ▶️Layout Editor and choose "Code" option, to always open in Code view. [Ref Tweet]


  • If you want to use keyboard shortcuts with bookmarks, then make use of "Bookmark with Mnemonic". Once assigned a number, you can jump to the bookmark using Ctrl + Number. [Ref Tweet]


  • When working with a class file dat has a lot of loc, often times one needs to jump between some parts of the same file. To do that, one can use the "Bookmarks" in Android Studio! Simply mark the line of code as Bookmark & open up the Bookmark Panel to jump. [Ref Tweet]


  • Bunch of quick tips about refactoring under this blogpost I wrote for