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Android library to hunt down package information.

The library is built for simplicity and approachability. It not only eliminates most boilerplate code for dealing with package information, but also provides an easy and simple API to retrieve them and associated data.


Starting with 1.1.0, Changes exist in the releases tab.

Including in your project

PackageHunter is available in the Jcenter, so getting it as simple as adding it as a dependency

compile 'com.github.nisrulz:packagehunter:{latest version}'

where {latest version} corresponds to published version in Download

Simple example

Create an instance of PackageHunter

PackageHunter packageHunter = new PackageHunter(context);

Next call an available function on the packageHunter instance such as

String appName= packageHunter.getAppNameForPkg(packageName);

Get information for

📃 For more info , check the Wiki Docs

Pull Requests

I welcome and encourage all pull requests. It usually will take me within 24-48 hours to respond to any issue or request. Here are some basic rules to follow to ensure timely addition of your request:

  1. Match coding style (braces, spacing, etc.) This is best achieved using CMD+Option+L (Reformat code) on Mac (not sure for Windows) with Android Studio defaults.
  2. If its a feature, bugfix, or anything please only change code to what you specify.
  3. Please keep PR titles easy to read and descriptive of changes, this will make them easier to merge :)
  4. Pull requests must be made against develop branch. Any other branch (unless specified by the maintainers) will get rejected.
  5. Check for existing issues first, before filing an issue.
  6. Have fun!

Created & Maintained By

Nishant Srivastava (@nisrulz)